Space cooling is used to achieve the necessary, comfortable for a person parameters of temperature and humidity. This is achieved by special equipment integrated into various systems. Space cooling is carried out in residential apartments, industrial enterprises, shops and other trade organizations, catering establishments, sports and hotel complexes. That is, wherever a person voluntarily or forcedly has to be.

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Cooling applications

There are several types of cooling applications. The choice of one of them is determined by the size and purpose of the space, the desired parameters of the microclimate.

  1. Using the technology of controlled atmosphere
  1. Maintaining a predetermined temperature at each point of the airspace
  1. Exact distribution of air flow at a given temperature
  1. Selection of equipment based on existing thermal insulation
  1. Integrated use of cooling and ventilation



  • For single rooms - for example, offices or apartments split systems are used.
  • If you need to service several small areas, multisplit systems are preferable.
  • More powerful and productive - split air conditioning systems.
  • For industrial enterprises and large buildings, the “chiller-fan coil” system is usually used.
  • There is another system that has appeared relatively recently - this is precision conditioning.

Each of these systems has its own characteristics; different refrigeration equipment is used to build them.

space cooling - equipment

We briefly named systems that provide space cooling. Now let's consider them in details and analyze what equipment is needed to create them.

1. Split systems - this is the simplest option of conditioning. Structurally, they are a fairly compact device consisting of two separate blocks. The outdoor unit includes a compressor and a condenser as standard. The inner part - the air cooler itself is available in several versions. It can be wall, cassette, channel, floor-ceiling, column. Sometimes the air cooler is built-in, and is masked by an openwork screen.

2. Multisplit systems differ only in that several air coolers can be connected to one outdoor unit, that is, simultaneous servicing of a number of rooms is possible. Their maximum number is usually six. Advantage - no need to spoil the appearance of the facade of the building by installing several outdoor units. Disadvantage - when a single unit fails, all air coolers will stop working.

3. Split air conditioning systems can serve up to 80 rooms at once. Its power reaches several hundred kW. From the point of view of building automation system and monitoring, such installations have more opportunities. In another way they are called air conditioning systems with variable refrigerant coolant consumption.

4. “Chiller-fan coil” is the most complex, but at the same time flexible and capacious system. This type is perfect for large and medium-sized objects, so it is often mounted in industry. The project is selected individually for the parameters of the enterprise; the scheme is drawn up taking into account its features. The scheme is affected by the remoteness of cold consumers, environmental safety requirements, and external temperatures are taken into account. One of the main differences from other systems is the use of water, not refrigerant сoolant. In case of winter operation of the system, safe glycol solutions can be used. The chillers themselves can be of different designs - air or water cooling of the condenser, remote or built-in condenser. For the chiller system, in most cases, an own pump station is developed.

5. A special type – precision air conditioners. They exist in two different types-freon or water. The first are paired with a remote capacitor, the second – in the chiller system. They are used in cases where the utmost accuracy of the temperature regime and a certain humidity is important. They are also able to maintain it due to the optional humidifier. Therefore, special regulatory mechanisms are used in this case. Cooling capacity range from 6 to 200 kW. They can work at any time of the year.

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