The Russian word «чиллер» is formed from the English word «chiller» and translated into Russian as «refrigeration machine». The device is used for heating or cooling non-freezing liquids and water.

Chiller - what is it?

It is a vapor compression, steam cooling machine (by its purpose – "climatic equipment"), that is pretty significant in size. Fancoils and air-supply units in conjunction with the chiller ensure the operation of this system. As a coolant, water is most often used, but often non-freezing liquids are also used. Water is most frequently used as a coolant, but often also non-freezing liquids are used.

This device is successfully used in the metalworking and food industry, in the area of mechanical engineering, in local and central air conditioning systems. Working in reverse mode, the equipment generates heat, which is another, additional function of chillers.


Chiller - photos

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Types and characteristics of chillers

The main and most important setting of this device is the refrigerating capacity. It is calculated by the amount of heat removed from the liquid that that must be refrigerated. The second criterion – is the type of chiller design. They can be monoblock (consisting of only one block) and two-block, equipped with a remote capacitor. And the last setting is the type of capacitor refrigerating – water or air.

Up to several dozens of inflow chambers and fancoils can be connected to one chiller. They are connected by ordinary water pipes with a good level of insulation. Depending on the purpose, you can configure all fancoils to work in one mode or adjust each of them separately.


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Chiller by type of refrigeration cycle is divided mainly into two classes:

  • vapor compression
  • absorption

Modern devices can be used for both conditioning of large multi-storey buildings and for small cottages, because the power range of produced models is very wide - from 5 to 9000 kW.

 Chiller - price 

The price of the equipment consists of many parameters. It includes both a unit capacity and a manufacturer. The existence of some additional elements increases the price:

  • additional power stages;
  • existence of plastic or metal pipes for connection with fancoils;
  • axial fans that can be standard or have a modified blade configuration.
  • heated drainage pallets and other additions.

After assessing the parameters of the room, and taking into account all nuances, we will calculate which type of chiller will be most suitable for your purposes, and we will offer you the best option, both in terms of performance and cost. Our prices are very democratic, and other than that, you will be pleased with the flexible discount system that we are ready to offer our customers. The size of the discount depends on the volume of your purchase. If you need a specific model of the chiller, then you will be able to ask our manager all your questions, he will offer you to see the actual price list and will solve your problem.

Chiller - capacity  

It is made up of several components that should be chosen by experts. Only in this case the equipment will be fully appropriate for the task. The power of the chiller is calculated by summation of certain elements:

1. The power that is required to lower the air temperature in rooms by using fancoil. The power of each of them is calculated depending on the heat gain in each separately taken room. This takes into account the heat that penetrates through windows, through enclosing structures from people, incoming air, lighting and heat-generating equipment. The summation of all these heat inputs allows determining the total heat load of the room. At the next stage, the heat load of all the rooms that serve this devicу is summated.

2. The power required to lower the incoming air temperature. It is carried out by means of air coolers in the system of positive pressure ventilation. The cooling process is associated with changes in air humidity, so the cooling power is determined on the basis of the enthalpies of the initial and cooled flows.

3. Power of the remaining technological cold consumers. This element depends entirely on the technical requirements for the cooling system.         

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