Monitoring system of refrigeration units and systems is installed to assess the state of system functioning and memorize these parameters. With the additional use of the building automation system, it becomes possible to control all processes in the production from a unified console. Another useful feature is remote access. In this mode, at any distance, you can monitor changes in the operation of the refrigeration system in real time. This option is very convenient, as it is available to the operating personnel of service organizations and production managers.

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The monitoring system performs several functions at once - monitors changes, displays all current parameters on the monitor screen, saves and prints them. It also gives a signal in case of emergency based on data received from the chiller, unit or central cooling machine. This data may include various information:

  • Condenser, evaporator and air temperature.
  • Incorrect operation of the compressor.
  • Loosely closed door of the refrigerator, warehouse or freezer.
  • Unacceptable increase or decrease in pressure.
  • Excess refrigerant сoolant concentration in ambient air.
  • Fluctuations in relative humidity, etc.

Such methods are used by almost all modern enterprises, among them are production workshops, large supermarkets, public catering enterprises and other organizations.


Organization of monitoring system

In systems where clean monitoring is conducted, it is used as an independent system without connecting to an existing control center. The principle of production organization can be considered on the example of a Danfoss device (type-m2).



1. Own engineering department of developers and programmers

2. Any standard and non-standard tasks in the field of monitoring and building automation systems

3. Equipment of Russian and foreign production

4. Scalability of engineering monitoring systems

5. Linking equipment from different manufacturers in one software environment


Various sensors are connected to the existing central unit. In the basic configuration, there can be no more than 16 pieces. Among them are pressure, temperature, humidity sensors, that is, the most important parameters of the equipment. But in some cases, enhanced tracking is required with data collection from more than 16 points. To make it possible to increase the number of sensors, additional expansion modules up to 16 pieces are connected. With this approach, the maximum number of adjustable parameters can be increased to 99 points. All this is determined by the type of equipment, its complexity, requirements for the accuracy of keeping specified parameters and other factors.

Control devices have a fairly large memory, so all information can be stored on them for up to a year. If necessary, you can organize its display on the built-in display, a remote computer or printer in the form of tables, graphs and data lists.

It is also possible to organize an alarm when deviating from the set parameters. The signal is supplied in various ways:

  • Flashing  built-in display.
  • Built-in buzzer.
  • Printout on the printer.
  • Allocation to a remote computer through a modem.
  • External sound and color alarm.

It is also possible to organize the transmission of SMS messages to a mobile phone via a GSM modem. In this case, the name of the sensor indicated by the settings and the achieved parameter value will be displayed in the message.

If the client wishes to additionally use the regulation system, the system is supplemented by the controllers of the chambers or central refrigeration unit. By connecting the equipment to the modem system, the service department that provides maintenance of the installed equipment, it is possible to set remotely the controller settings.

Installation of monitoring system

Installation of monitoring systems, its equipment is determined by the wishes of the customer, the complexity of the cooling scheme. At the discretion of the client, any sensors can be used, options in the amount that is required for full monitoring.

Installation is carried out by qualified specialists, as this is a responsible and technically difficult job. An improperly installed system can lead to distortion of the data on the actual indicators, which will affect the functioning of the installation as a whole. If you want to equip your refrigeration equipment with modern and effective monitoring systems, then contact the company «Akvilon Build Installation». We use the latest technology, high-quality equipment, our staff has extensive experience in the automation and installation of such options with the adjustment of their functioning.

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