Refrigeration machines

Refrigeration machines (Chillers) are installations used to remove heat from a cooled object at a lower temperature than the ambient temperature. They can be used to obtain temperatures from +10 to -150C.

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Chillers - principle of operation

Cooling occurs when heat is absorbed by boiling a liquid. The boiling heat depends on the ambient pressure and the characteristics of the liquid itself. Each of them has its own boiling heat. The most common refrigerant coolant used in modern chillers is freon. If it is in an open vessel at normal atmospheric pressure, then it boils, intensively absorbing heat. As a result, frost appears on the walls of the vessel. Freon will continue to boil until it completely passes into a gaseous state. 

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Chillers operate according to the described scheme with the difference that freon is in a closed hermetical heat exchanger - evaporator. During boiling, it intensely absorbs heat from the tube material. They are cooled and transfer the resulting cold to air or water, based on the purpose of the chiller. For resumption and continuity of the cycle, the gaseous refrigerant coolant is returned to liquid form in the condenser. A compressor is used to create the pressure necessary for condensation. All components are connected through pipelines in a certain sequence, forming a closed system.

Chillers - types

Chillers can be divided into several types, taking into account the cycle scheme - adsorption and absorption, compression and ejector.

  1. Air-type compression machines reduce temperature by expanding the compressed gas, accompanied by a pressure drop. Such an expansion is called adiabatic, that is, proceeding without heat transfer of the external environment and the working medium.
  2. Steam compression machines compress refrigerant coolant vapors in the compressor, convert it into a liquid in the condenser and produce cold by boiling it at low pressure in the evaporator. The newly formed vapors are compressed by the compressor and the cycle resumes.
  3. Absorption machines absorb refrigerant vapors by any substance. Then follows their evaporation. Boiling and condensation processes are similar to steam compression machines.
  4. Adsorption machines are distinguished by the fact that solids are responsible for vapors absorption.
  5. Ejector machines for cold production use evaporation at low temperatures as a result of rarefaction. In such machines, two cycles are carried out at once - the direct one with the return of heat to work and the reverse with the receipt of cold by mechanical work.

Chillers - design

These are fairly complex machines consisting of a set of components. Depending on the model and design, they can change significantly, become more complicated, but the implementation of the work cycle requires a set of basic elements:

  • Compressor - ensures the functioning of the entire mechanism by increasing the pressure of the refrigerant coolant and its circulation in the machine circuit.
  • Throttling device consists of a capillary tube and a thermostatic valve. It controls the amount of refrigerant coolant entering the evaporator.
  • Evaporator - a heat exchanger where the refrigerant coolant boils, absorbing heat and generating cold.
  • Condenser - a heat exchanger where the refrigerant coolant again goes into a liquid state, which is accompanied by the release of heat.

Other details are also involved in the design of the machine - solenoid valves, gauge glasses, instrumentation and measuring devices, and filter driers. All of them are connected into a single closed circuit, which is hermetical and thermally insulated. The resulting circuit is filled with refrigerant coolant.

Chillers -price

The cost of such machines has a large price range. It will depend on the principle of operation, type, power, characteristics, additional options. First you need to make a selection based on the tasks. In the company «Akvilon Build Installation» you can find out all about chillers - advantages and disadvantages, basic characteristics, and working rules. Our experts will carry out accurate calculations and recommend the best solution for you.

We offer you chillers, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you. With the high quality of the supplied equipment, we try to adhere to a moderate pricing policy, offering affordable and effective options. You can buy сhillers from us at an attractive cost. We will also provide you with timely delivery, installation of refrigeration systems and a full range of related services.

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