Refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment is used in many spheres of life and human activity - life, industry, trade. Refrigeration equipment is a complex of technical interrelated elements - assembly units, refrigeration machines, multiple bar joints, pipelines. Each of them performs a specific function - creates, keeps or distributes cold.

Refrigeration equipment – photos

In the gallery you will find examples of refrigeration equipment made by specialists of «Akvilon Build Installation». In the photo you will see different types of devices, systems, developed and mounted for the individual needs of each customer.

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Types of refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment is divided into several large groups - residential-grade, industrial-grade and commercial-grade. The industrial-grade one is distinguished by the fact that it operates on the basis of installations with high cold generating capacity, which is more than 15 kW.

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A set of large components is combined into refrigeration equipment. What are these components? Compressors, evaporators, condensers, receivers - they are connected through pipelines, with the refrigerant coolant circulating through them, producing artificial cold.

The main role in the system is given to the refrigeration unit - by absorbing energy, it removes heat from bodies that have a low temperature and transfers it to those in need of cooling. That is, it carries out the transfer of heat and cold. For the implementation of a full refrigeration cycle, just four elements are enough. Refrigeration equipment, the types of which we have listed, operates on the basis of assembly units of various types:

  • Compression refrigeration equipment operate according to the steam condenser principle. The refrigerant coolant in the refrigeration equipment is compressed by turbochargers and volume compressors. In turn, they are divided into freon and ammonia. The steam condenser machine operates on the basis of the evaporation of the refrigerant coolant during the absorption of heat and its transition to a liquid state during the discharge of thermal energy.
  • Absorption. A steam condensing refrigeration device that absorbs steam due to liquid or solid absorbent with further evaporation during heating. They are periodically and continuously operating. Powered by steam, gas or electricity. Waste steam or any other heat source can be used. Ammonia is used as a refrigerant coolant, and water is used as an absorber. Sometimes the absorbent is an aqueous solution of lithium bromide. The disadvantage of absorption installations is that they are more dimensional and heavy, they need more water. But on the other hand, it is necessary to highlight the simplicity of design, impeccable reliability, low noise and cheaper energy sources.

All equipment works on the basis of different devices.

By type of the compressor, they are open, semi-hermetic or hermetical, the condenser is cooled in them by water or air method.

Commercial refrigeration equipment

What is refrigeration equipment for trade? It is widely used in food stores, supermarkets, canteens and cafes for storage and display of goods. These include refrigerators, closets, display cases, counters.

  • Cold stores - prefabricated demountable structures from panels based on polyurethane foam. They are buildings in which a certain mode is created by means of a condensing device. They can be of various sizes - from standard to very large.
  • Closets are smaller. They are installed when it is required to store small volumes of goods. Equipped with folding or roller doors.
  • Refrigerated counters and display cases serve not only as cooling, but also as demonstrations. Installed only in the hall of the store.

The higher the ambient temperature, the higher the power required to ensure optimal values. It also differs in the internal temperature regime. The following types of structures are distinguished by this parameter:

  • Medium temperature - made for storage of fresh products in moderate above-zero temperatures.
  • Low temperature - made for frozen foods.
  • Combined - suitable for short-term storage of both types of goods (fresh and frozen).

In most cases, compression-type machines are installed, less - absorption-diffuse ones.

Industrial refrigeration equipment

This category is characterized by greater power and volume. It is used in many areas of production - in the food, pharmaceutical industry, in the manufacture of rubber and plastic products. May be required, both for storage and for compliance with the technology process.

The most commonly used devices are for the following purposes:

  • Storage of products or raw materials in below-freezing temperature or moderate above-zero temperatures.
  • Freezing in standard freezing chambers.
  • Freezing in shock freeze structures and quick freeze tunnels.
  • Cooling of manufacturing machines for compliance of technology process.
  • Air cooling in industrial premises.

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