Refrigeration systems

Refrigeration systems are designed to generate cold to provide air conditioning, cooling refrigeration chambers and other purposes. Depending on the type, capacity of the system, their area of use covers almost all spheres of human life - various systems can be used from personal household purposes to industrial scale. Modern refrigeration systems have very high quality characteristics, are equipped with all possible functions of automation, control, management, saving energy consumption.

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Types of refrigeration systems

  1. Use of non-standard refrigerants in design and installation
  1. Introduction of innovative methods in the development of refrigeration systems
  1. Design of dehumidification and humidification systems
  1. Development of cooling and gas separation systems
  1. Accuracy of compliance with project deadlines


Refrigeration systems need to be selected based on the purpose, the required performance, the square of the served area or the amount of equipment. There are several types of the most common systems that are in greatest demand:

  • Monoblocks. Compact systems of low power, made in the form of a single unit. Used to equip refrigerators / freezers or air conditioning. Installed directly into the wall of the chamber, window opening. Their advantage is the simplicity of installation and operation, complete readiness for work after a series of simple actions, low price. On the other hand, they often cannot provide the required performance, they are aimed at only one object, they are quite noisy and emit waste heat into the room (although there are models in the low-noise version). This option is suitable for small shops, flower stalls, home air conditioning, pharmacies, that is, where the needs for cold are small.
  • Split systems allow avoiding the above problems due to the fact that their design is based on the principle of external cold. Consist of two blocks. Placing the compressor-condenser part on the street or just at a distance from the main object makes them silent, there is no heat emission, and productivity is much higher. They can be used both in domestic air conditioning and in small manufacturing and trading enterprises for equipping cameras, reducing temperatures in technical rooms, offices.
  • Multi-split systems – a kind of split systems. They differ only in the fact that one compressor-condenser unit can serve a number of objects simultaneously. As a rule, from 2 to 5. An interesting feature - indoor units can have different characteristics, that is, in each room or chamber you can create a separate temperature regime. They are used for air conditioning of offices, servicing small shops in which only a few cameras are installed. In this case, the multi-split system completely copes with its function.
  • Centralized type refrigeration systems are already powerful industrial equipment with high productivity, capable of supplying a large number of consumers with cold. They are also used for air conditioning, cooling of technological lines to comply with the manufacturing technology of products, the creation of certain temperature parameters in chambers, warehouses, and processing workshops. The system may be based on a multicompressor central cooling machine with an even number of parallel-connected compressors and piping leading to the heat exchangers. The “chiller-fan coil” scheme is often used - it is also characterized by efficiency, productivity and economy.

Refrigeration system - price

The variety of existing systems and the difference in the requirements of each customer doesn’t allow to name a single cost of the system. It is determined in the course of consultation and calculations. Generally speaking, the cheapest option is monoblock systems, but if the need for cold is high, it is impractical to use them. The central cooling system, equipped with additional useful options, requires a larger investment of initial capital, but pays off faster by reducing energy costs and greater durability of the equipment.

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