Refrigeration units

Refrigeration units are used to artificially lower the temperature to specific parameters in a given volume. If very low temperatures are required, then cryogenic units are mounted. Heat transfer and its and carry-off of it occur due to the consumed energy. Refrigeration units are made in accordance with the project, taking into account the parameters of the refrigerated object, the features of the refrigerated medium and energy sources.

Depending on this, the installation may consist of one or more compressor units and a set of additional equipment - water distribution system, heat exchange, regulation, monitoring and control devices. It is located in the premises of the enterprise, on the street, in various machines or vehicles, that is, in any place where it is required to maintain a low temperature and a specific level of humidity.

Refrigeration units – photos

«Akvilon Build Installation» is engaged in the manufacture, supply and installation of refrigeration systems. In the gallery you will find examples of work performed by our staff. We monitor the quality of the equipment we supply and adhere to all the rules of its installation.

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Refrigeration unit  design

This is a complex modern equipment, which includes a set of components. Standard installation includes:

  • Compressors of various types.
  • Evaporators.
  • Capacitor.
  • Receiver.
  • Oil and liquid separator.
  • Various filters.
  • High and low pressure switches.
  • Thermostatic expansion valve.
  • Receiver and compressor shut-off valves.
  • Vibration isolators.
  • Crankcase heater.

Depending on the type and purpose of the installation, its configuration can vary significantly.

  1. The widest product range
  1. The possibility of manufacturing non-standard refrigeration units
  1. Flexible pricing policy
  1. Innovative solutions in the management of refrigeration units
  1. Energy-saving technology principles


Refrigeration unitprinciple of operation

Such installation operates according to a certain scheme, which has its own characteristics for each individual model.

  1. An evaporator is installed in the cooling volume. In it, through the selection of heat from the environment at low pressure, liquid refrigerant boils.
  2. Turning into a gaseous state, it passes through a heat exchanger and a steam filter, is drawn off by a compressor, compressed and transferred to a condenser, which is accompanied by an increase in temperature and pressure.
  3. In the condenser, under the influence of air, the refrigerant coolant again passes into the liquid medium.
  4. Freon liquid flows through the condenser pipes into the receiver, and from there it passes through the liquid filter and the heat exchanger.
  5. Then it is throttled and sprayed as it passes through the narrow opening of the thermostatic valve, the pressure and temperature are sharply reduced and it enters the evaporator again.

After that, the cycle resumes. During circulation in circles, there is a constant change in the state of refrigerant coolant aggregation due to which there is cooling to the required performance.

Refrigeration units-types

Now you can buy a refrigeration unit of any of their existing types. Their classification is based on characteristic features. They differ in purpose, that is, they are stationary or mobile, with centralized or decentralized cooling. The following features also participate in the classification:

  • Productivity - high, medium or low. The total performance range varies from 3.0 MW to 60 kW.
  • Temperature conditions - high, medium or low temperature.
  • Functioning mode - stationary, mobile, cyclic, constant, with a thermal energy accumulator.
  • Type of refrigerant coolant - freon, ammonia, propane, ethane, carbon dioxide or mixtures of agents.
  • Cooling method - interstage or direct cooling.
  • Type of consumed energy - natural cold, secondary energy resources, electric motor, gas turbine, solar plants.

There are installations that are in high demand at enterprises of different directions:

  1. Stationary installations with centralized cooling. Widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical industries, as well as for the manufacture of production and distribution refrigerators.
  2. High-temperature installations are characterized by a single-stage cycle. Screw, piston compressors can be used in them. Installations with increased productivity are sometimes made on the basis of absorption machines or turbochargers.
  3. Low-temperature installations are often equipped with cascade or two-stage units.
  4. Ammonia plants are the most common and approved for use in the food industry. They are environmentally friendly, but consume a large amount of electricity.

Refrigeration units – price

The cost of installation will depend on its type. Before you buy a refrigeration unit, you need to determine the tasks, operating conditions. The selection of such equipment is better to trust specialists, as only the calculations will help to find the best solution to certain problems of the enterprise.

Sale of refrigeration units is one of the services offered by «Akvilon Build Installation». We offer a wide range of modern equipment of all kinds. We offer refrigeration units at a reasonable cost, the prices of which vary in a significant range. Our staff will help you choose the best option, ensure prompt delivery, installation of equipment and carry out all commissioning works.

You do not need to spend your time on engagement and negotiations with different contractors and suppliers.
A long-term operational experience and collaborations guarantee delivery to the customer and installation right on time.
We have reasonable prices, and we produce some types of equipment by ourselves, offering you the best prices.
Over 10 years of activity, hundreds of Russian companies, from large corporations to small cafes, have become clients of the company.
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