Сhilling unit – is the main part of the installation, without which its operation is impossible, since it is it that is responsible for cooling. Otherwise, it is called a compression-condensation unit. The main function of the unit is compression, cooling and condensation of steam.

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Сhilling unit - design

The complete set of the unit includes a set of basic components and parts – a compressor, condenser, receiver, evaporator, thermostatic expansion valve, as well as a drying tube. Let's look at each of the elements in a little more detail.

  1. The compressor can be hermetic, semi-hermetic, shielded or gland. According to the principle of operation, they are divided into piston, rotary, spiral and propeller driven. Piston differ from all other models in that the drawing in and compression of the refrigerant coolant occurs through shuttle movements of the pistons. In all other cases, it is achieved by rotating spirals, plates or screws. Semi-hermetic models in a one-piece collapsible body contain an electric motor and a compressor. They are produced in a very wide range of capacities, which allows them to be used for all kinds of purposes. Their main advantages are maintainability and reliability. The main drawback is the higher cost.

Hermetical are distinguished by a monolithic undismountable body, which eliminates the possibility of repair works. The advantages include low cost, low noise. Usually they are made of medium and low productivity.

  1. Widest model range for nominal performance
  1. An individual approach to each client at the sale of chilling units
  1. Production of non-standard units according to customer's drawings
  1. Clear economic effect due to import substitution
  1. Minimum production time


  1. Condenser is the heat exchanger transferring the selected thermal energy to environment. It is cooled by water or air. Air cooling is used much more often due to efficiency in performance and simplicity of operation. Depending on the design features of the installation, the condenser is placed separately or mounted on the same frame with the compressor. Increasingly, the condenser is taken out of the building space - this helps to avoid installing additional ventilation equipment in the engine room.
  2. Receiver is a container in which liquid refrigerant coolant is collected before entering a thermostatic expansion valve and evaporator.
  3. Evaporator is a part of the unit in which, at low pressure, the liquid refrigerant coolant boils to remove heat from the cooled bodies. The evaporator of the unit can have a certain design depending on the medium to be cooled. For the most part, it is a plate heat exchanger with tubes of copper or aluminum.
  4. Thermal expansion valve is a part installed in the pressure piping before entering the evaporator. Its task is to control the degree of filling of the evaporator with liquid refrigerant coolant, since its excess is fraught with breakdown of the compressor unit.

Сhilling unit – principle of operation

We have already figured out that the unit is designed to take heat from the cooled medium. Following the energy conservation law, this heat must be transferred and passed to something, as it will not disappear anywhere on its own.

The unit operates due to the fact that during the boiling of the refrigerant coolant in the evaporator, heat is absorbed. The compressor draws off the gases from the evaporator, compresses them and transfers them to the condenser. There they condense, and the cycle begins anew. The сhilling unit, the operating principle of which is quite simple, can be improved with additional options that the efficiency of its performance, simplify operation and reduce the consumption of electrical energy.

Сhilling unit – price

The cost will entirely depend on the design, power, performance and other similar parameters. You can buy a refrigeration unit of impeccable quality and at a low cost in the company «Akvilon Build Installation».

It is very important to carry out the calculations correctly taking into account all available heat inputs, pay attention to other factors in order to choose correctly the most suitable model. We offer you units of various capacities and design solutions.

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