Freecooling is a free cooling function designed to save energy and increase the efficiency of refrigeration equipment. In essence, this is cooling water in a dry cooling tower system using outside air. The practical application of this option can significantly reduce energy consumption in the cold season, as well as increase the service life of the chiller by turning it off for the winter. The free-cooling system is selected together with the chiller, taking into account the necessary technical characteristics. It is possible to improve the existing system „chiller-fan coil”. Despite the initial higher installation costs of refrigeration installation, freecooling has a short payback period. Based on the intensity of operation, it can vary from six months to three years.

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How does freecooling work?

The liquid is cooled in a dry cooling tower, which is also called a free cooler. This is the radiator into which the coolant is supplied. Air flows directed by axial fans pass through the radiator. As a result, the liquid is cooled without the participation of a chiller.

Freecooling is a simple and economical modern development. The only limitation is the desired final fluid temperature. When cooling in the chiller, accurate values can be achieved, when using freecooling, the dependence on the outside temperature can't be excluded.

  1. Use of freecooling technology for energy saving
  1. Use of Russian components
  1. Optimization and energy saving due to the environment
  1. Smooth switching of equipment when the outside temperature changes
  1. Non-standard approach to the design of systems with the use of freecooling


Freecooling – scheme

When designing, you can follow two common schemes:

1. Cooling fluid directly in the freecooler. It should be noted that when using water, the cooling tower should be installed in a room where the temperature is stably maintained at not lower than 0C. If it is mounted on the street or in an unheated room, then in winter its operation becomes impossible. At the time of stopping the operation of freecooling, it is necessary to drain the liquid from it so that the radiator does not defrost.

2. With intermediate refrigerant. Non-freezing liquids based on ethylene and propylene glycol are selected as an intermediate coolant. A cooling tower filled with an intermediate refrigerant is mounted outside the building, and water is cooled in a heat exchanger.

Operating mode

Freecooling can function in two modes - winter and summer. In the cold period, the cooling of the intermediate refrigerant is carried out in a drycooler located outside, and further cooling of the water with its help in the heat exchanger. Temperature adjustment is carried out automatically by turning on or off the dry cooler fans or by adjusting the speed of rotation of its blades.

The system is equipped with a frequency Converter of the pump, since in winter the temperature of the intermediate coolant can be negative, which is associated with the risk of freezing the water in the heat exchanger. The frequency Converter provides a gradual supply of coolant to the heat exchanger and thereby minimizes the risk of its "defrosting".

Automatic switching to summer mode occurs due to the liquid temperature sensor installed at the outlet of the heat exchanger. In the presence of a chiller with an air condenser, the sensor signals that the water temperature is higher than necessary. As a result, the compressor and fans of the compressor unit are turned on, and freecooling is turned off. Now the evaporator is responsible for cooling.

Installation of free-cooling - price

Depending on the scheme used, the complexity of installation, its cost also changes. It is better to specify the price immediately from the experts who are engaged in development of systems of freecooling and their installation.

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