Refrigerated container

Refrigerated container – is the equipment that greatly facilitates the process of transportation of frozen and chilled products over long distances. It can be used both for transportation and as a stationary installation. Such equipment is widely used in the food industry.

Refrigerated container – photos

On the photo in the gallery you will find many examples of refrigerated containers offered by our company. In "AkvilonStrojMontazh" you will be offered the most modern installations of different volumes and sizes at affordable prices.

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Refrigerated container  – what is it?

The refrigerated container is a container equipped with a refrigeration unit. It is used for transportation of goods sensitive to high temperatures. Their body is often made of aluminum and reinforced with polyurethane thermal insulation.

The built-in cooling unit as part of the design implies the presence of a required electric power source. If the refrigerated container is used as stationary equipment in warehouses, it is connected to stationary points. In the case of use for transportation over long distances by land transport, the scheme is complemented by diesel generators.


1.        Localization of more than 60% of Russian production

      2.        Large model range and the possibility of manufacturing non-standard options of  refrigerated containers

      3.        Construction time from 7 working days

      4.        2-year warranty

      5.        Optimal correlation of prices and quality


      Some refrigerated containers are equipped with a water cooling system, if there is no normal ventilation for the heat sink. But the cost of the refrigerated container of this type is high and therefore such systems are gradually emerging from the circulation area.

      The refrigerated container for modern enterprises is the only way to deliver fresh or frozen products to any part of the world with little monetary costs without the risk of spoilage and loss of taste.

      Refrigerated container design

      The refrigerated container consists of two main structural blocks – the body and the refrigerator unit. The body is a supporting framework  reinforced with foam sandwich panels. The outer coating of the panels is made of duralumin sheet, the inner – of food stainless steel. The bottom is made of aluminum profile. It must be able to withstand the load when working with a warehouse loader. Heat-insulated hermetic doors are also provided.

      At the end of the body is placed refrigerator unit. His task is to maintain the set temperature in automatic mode. The range of possible temperatures ranges from +25 to -25C. Power is supplied from a three-phase power grid with a voltage of 360 / 460V.

      With the help of an electronic control unit in automatic mode, the following parameters are supported – temperature and relative air humidity, control of the operation of main units, defrost periods. Most refrigerated containers operate on refrigerants R-134A, R-409A.

      The principle of operation of refrigerated containers is quite simple. From the refrigerator unit, air flow at a set temperature is supplied at the bottom level to the inside of the container, runs along the bottom, rises along the doors to the ceiling, and from there returns to the unit. All this time, depending on the parameters set, the internal volume is cooled or heated.

      Refrigerated container  – characteristics

      There are refrigerated containers of different sizes, volumes, designs. The technical characteristics of each individual model depend on this.

      The volume of the refrigerated container may be different. Other characteristics depend on it. There are models of 20, 40, 45 feet. The external dimensions of the refrigerated container will be 6058х2438х2591, 12192х2438х2591 and 13692х2438х2895 mm, respectively. There are also smaller 10-foot models.

      The own weight of the refrigerated container also varies depending on the size. For a container of 20 feet, it will be 3050 kg, for 40 – 4500-5000 kg, for 45 feet - 4970 kg.

      The approximate cooling capacity of such devices varies from 2900 to 4200, and the maximum load capacity from 21950 to 27 990 kg.

      Refrigerated container  – advantages

      The need of enterprises for this type of equipment is growing every day. Their demand is explained by a number of advantages:

      • Can be used simultaneously as a means of storage and transportation.
      • Able to work in different modes, combining a cold storage, a cold store and greenhouse conditions.
      • Ease of use – no special knowledge is required to work with containers.
      • Have a wide price range and, therefore, they are available to all enterprises.
      • Easy to use, very durable, reliable and economical.

      Refrigerated container price

      It is very difficult to unambiguously answer the question of how much the refrigerated container costs. It all depends on the characteristics of the equipment - its size, capacity, type of used refrigeration unit and its power.

      It is possible to determine the cost by carrying out elementary calculations. Our specialists will carefully study your requirements, will recommend you an option that will be ideally suited for your case and give you an exact cost.

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